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A basic checklist for securing your home wireless network:

  • Change the Default Username and Password. Many just leave this as factory set but a simple google search for the manufacturer will show the default username and password allowing access to your router. For an identity thief, access to your router could allow him to redirect communications through his computer and you wouldn’t know it.
  • Use the strongest encryption your router allows. At a minimum, use the WEP standard but WPA2 is currently the strongest for home users.
  • Disable the broadcasting of the SSID. This makes your router invisible to the casual user and prevents identity through wardriving.
  • Optional: Use MAC filtering. By only allowing the MAC addresses of your computer or computers to connect, you further lock down the network.
  • Of course, for a determined individual there are ways around some of these methods but with so many unsecured home networks, who is going to take the time to hack in when your neighbor is probably unsecured.

    This video from YouTube explains it further:


Posted December 3, 2010 by jcorbintcl

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