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Internet Explorer maintains about a 50% share in browser usage, Firefox is next with about 30% and everyone else makes up the remaining 20%.  This is not surprising since IE is packaged with Windows and most people do not change.  However, more quality browsers are being developed but since IE is built-in, they will not gain a major share.  Currently, the top three are IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

I lead off with IE because that is what most people use.  It is my browser of choice because I have used it so long and like it. Many people trash Microsoft because they are the 500lb gorilla and are heavy-handed and even predatory in protecting their market share but that is business and they do it well. Those same people are probably the ones that scream about the environment while driving an old inefficient VW bus and smoking a pack and a half a day…but I digress.  IE does pretty much everything one needs for browsing and running web content. For those using Sharepoint, they almost have to use IE since Firefox and Chrome do not pass credentials as cleanly making accessing certain pages a hassle. Although they didn’t invent it, I like the tabbed browsing and the ability to open multiple browsers with multiple tabs for maximum productivity.

Firefox is a strong contender and a feature packed choice.  In terms of security, it is the most secure of any of the browsers. Some would argue that Safari is more secure but with a tiny market share, no one is really attacking it as hard as IE and Firefox so that is an unknown.  Firefox is tabbed just like IE (or IE is tabbed just like Firefox).  As long as the website isn’t scripting heavy, Firefox is faster than IE.  The biggest drawback to Firefox is the slowdown when running scripting languages such as Javascript. Still, it is not enough to reduce its mass appeal. My usage of Sharepoint precludes me from using Firefox extensively but I do use it for general browsing when at home. When Firefox 4 arrives, I will compare it with IE 9 and maybe make a change.

Finally we have Google Chrome.  It is faster than IE 8 but still has the Sharepoint drawback with credentials. Has a nice clean interface and is more secure than IE. Since it is the newest player and is coming out with Chrome 6 in just its second year of existence, the engineers are working around the clock to improve it.  By fully incorporating HTML5, CSS3 and moving along with WebM and VP8 Codecs, Google is attempting to create a “Flash-Free” web experience where the video rendering is built right in to the browser.

Regardless of your choice, you won’t go wrong with any one of these three and with IE9, Firefox 4, and Chrome 6 coming right around the corner, we are sure to continue with 3 great choices.


Posted December 3, 2010 by jcorbintcl

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