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So maybe you are one of those that considers Microsoft to be the epitome of evil or don’t want to be part of the establishment by using Outlook for your email browsing. There is good news for you, Mozilla has Thunderbird and you can get it HERE.  There are many clients and a quick Google search will reveal everyone has their own preferences and “Top 10’s.”  I have selected only one that I would use if I didn’t depend on Outlook as my client.  I have also done a shakedown of Opera and it did not work well for my needs and therefore I haven’t included it here, either.

Thunderbird has many of the functions of Outlook but is FREE. One of the great things about Thunderbird is that rather than attempting to predict everything the end user may want in a Email browser, users can customize their needs by using add-ins to increase the functionality.  On the surface, this sounds like a pain and a bunch of extra steps but when you stop and think about it, it makes the application a lot less bulky by eliminating functions you may not use.  Add-ins are easy to download and install.

Webmail Services

Everyone needs a few addresses, if for nothing else but providing one to sites and newsletters to insulate you from the inevitable spam as those sites sell your information.  I have Gmail, Windows Live and Hotmail accounts and a Yahoo account thrown in for good measure in addition to the professional organization ones that I have.  Having all of these email addresses used to be a chore to keep up with but now, many of the webmail accounts allow you to add up to 5 additional email accounts.  I have my Yahoo and a couple professional emails being checked by Windows Live and then, using my Gmail account, I have Hotmail, Yahoo, and two remaining professional addresses linked in.  My Gmail account is then checked by Outlook.  I get all of my emails in one place.  If I log into Gmail, I can assign colors and labels to each account to keep it organized.  Try linking your emails to make it easier to keep up with them.


Posted December 3, 2010 by jcorbintcl

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