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I am simply a lowly student at The Technical College of the Lowcountry trying to scratch my way through the world working full-time, taking classes and raising four wonderful children ages 8 to 2. This blog is my final assignment for an Internet Communications class I am taking this semester.

I am one of the many people working on a 2nd/3rd career.  I was a golf professional for 15 years after graduating from Indiana University with a BS in Business.  I did not like Accounting but found out too late (2nd semester Senior year) that I wasn’t going to like the actual job.  I became a PGA member in 1999 but due to the lagging economy and the erosion of income, I chose to pursue other avenues and right the wrong of me not chosing a CIS major at IU.  I found myself at TCL and after this semester should still have a 4.0 GPA and am 2-4 classes short of graduating.  The school would like me to take Basic math since my Calculus and Finite math I took at IU are over 15 years old (13 years or 7 years as well).  I haven’t decided if I am going to spend the money to actually graduate because an Associates after earning a BS is kind of a letdown.  Regardless, I have earned the certificates I needed anyway which would be listed right under a BS from a Major University.

I will continue pursuing some programming certificates after I graduate (or maybe I don’t) and will also continue acquiring CompTia and Microsoft Certifications.  I should be able to finish my MCSE and 2-3 more CompTia certs with no real difficulty other than studying for the tests.

I have rambled long enough.  I hope you enjoy the Blog and maybe find something useful in it.


Posted December 1, 2010 by jcorbintcl

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