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The sheer number of search engines, directories and metasearch sites can leave one wondering where to look for information.  How do you know if the information is positioned due to quality or payment?  In the latest news, one site was abusing its customers as a rule because of the old customer service addage that a satisfied customer will tell noone because satisfaction is expected but a dissatisfied customer will tell 10.  Well that was created well before the Internet.  Now a dissatisfied customer has the ability to reach literally MILLIONS of potential customers with ONE post. The site in question was intentionally abusing it’s customers so they would post about it, thus increasing their position on the search engines.  Google announced the creation of an algorithm that will attempt to prevent this practice but there are still many other methods that search engines use for rankings that have nothing to do with the content on the website itself.  This page lists a few of my favorites as a starting point for additional suggestions.


Posted December 4, 2010 by jcorbintcl in Search Engines

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